Signs That You Need Air Conditioner Repair in Savannah, GA

Air Conditioning RepairEveryone wants their air conditioning to work forever, but eventually air conditioner repair in Savannah is almost unavoidable. Even though it can work for years with proper maintenance, it doesn’t mean it will work properly. Does the fact that it’s still working during the hot weather of a Savannah summer must mean an air conditioning repair isn’t needed? Well, in a lot of instances an air conditioning repair is needed. In fact, just because a unit is working doesn’t mean it’s doing a proper cooling job. For instance, a spike in electric bills is a major sign that an air conditioning needs repair. High electric usage means that the unit is working twice as hard as it needs to cool the house. Here are five other signs an air conditioning repair is needed.

Air Conditioning Won’t Turn On

Yes, this is an obvious sign, but some people think it’s time to throw the entire unit away. It could be a faulty thermostat, tripped breaker or blown fuse.

The Unit Runs Continuously

A property owner may not notice at first. However, sooner or later the constant running of the air conditioner becomes annoying. A unit that properly works will turn on and shut off in response the temperature changes in the house. Once an individual hears the constant running, he should know it’s time for an air conditioning repair. If the sound doesn’t alert him, the high energy bill will.

Circuit Breaker Trips

When a person turns on an air conditioner, it’s supposed to stay on. However, a major air conditioner repair sign is when the circuit breaker or fuse in the home trips every time someone pushes the on button. There are many reasons for a tripped circuit. For instance, the unit may have a short circuit an air conditioning repair technician needs to fix. The home’s electrical system may not be able to hand the overload of energy that sudden occurs when the unit comes on or begins a cooling cycle.

The Unit Makes Noise

This noise is different from the constant running sign. It actually sounds like banging and clunking noises. Sometimes a homeowner thinks the loud noise is due to the unit’s age. It’s not. There could be a problem with the air conditioner’s compressor. The air conditioning repair problem happens over time, not all of a sudden because of lack of regular maintenance.

The Air Conditioner Fails to Cool the Property
Sometimes, a homeowner may turn on the unit and it stays on. However, she doesn’t notice the air becoming any cooler. It’s like standing outside on one of the worst summer days in Savannah. She may set the thermostat to a lower temperature to kick start the air conditioner, but it doesn’t work. It could be that the thermostat isn’t working properly. So, when the homeowner turns it to a lower temperature the thermostat doesn’t recognize the change.
If the thermostat is working properly, but there no air coming from the unit or vents, the possible air conditioning repair problems are with the compressor or fan motor. These parts are responsible for the unit’s air flow.

Many Savannah residents spend large sums of money on a new air conditioning unit when they can save money repairing the current one. Other residents may think their units work properly when they actually don’t. Regardless of the problem, it’s important to take care of any air conditioning repair problem when the signs are present rather than wait. An air conditioning problem that is not fixed now can lead to major repair problems later like during a heat wave when the unit is needed the most.

In order to avoid big repairs, it’s always best to perform daily or frequent maintenance; check out our blog article “Regular Air Conditioner / HVAC Maintenance Can Save You Money”

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