Keeping Safe While Keeping Warm – Furnaces

It’s cold outside.

If you’re in Savannah or anywhere in the Low Country you’ve probably had your heat blowing at least a few times during this recent cold snap. Here are some things you should be thinking about as you keep warm this winter.

Neglecting your furnace can be costly and even dangerous.  You can save yourself considerable headache just by taking a few minutes to inspect your furnace or by hiring a heating and air conditioning professional to do scheduled maintenance on your furnace every year.

The first time you turn on your furnace you might have smelled a burning smell.  This is generally nothing to worry about.  If you have a heat pump, it is normal for some dust to have accumulated during the warm months.  That dust will probably burn off harmlessly the first time you turn your furnace on. If the smell does not go away quickly, or you see actual smoke, it may be something more serious than dust, and you should probably call or professional for further inspection.

Even if your home heating system is not producing significant smoke, there are still parts of your furnace which should be inspected and cleaned every year.  Igniters, sensors, and gas burners should be checked at least once a year.

Igniters should be cleaned every cold season.  Sensors should be cleaned and inspected as well.  If a heat sensor is dirty or malfunctioning, it can wreak havoc with your family’s comfort and your heating bill. Gas burners are probably the element of your heating system which is most important to check.

A rusted gas burner can allow carbon monoxide to leak into your home.  Carbon monoxide is toxic colorless and odorless gas which is created during the heating process of a gas furnace.  When the gas burner is intact, the carbon monoxide is disposed of harmlessly.

If burners are allowed to rust or deteriorate the carbon monoxide can creep into the home’s ductwork and poison inhabitants with little or no warning. The rest of the winter promises to bring at least a bit more cool weather before spring.  Take the time to hire a heating and air conditioning professional to inspect your furnace to keep your home and your family safe all year long.

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