Five Advantages of Using a Heat Pump for Your Heating and Cooling

Heat pumps provide a safe and efficient method of keeping your home or office building comfortable year round.  They are a particularly good solution for homes and offices in mild climates like Georgia and South Carolina.

  1. A heat pump can both warm your house and cool your house from the same system. This means you will not need to purchase and maintain two different systems to keep your home or office comfortable year round.
  2. Heating and cooling your home using a heat pump can be more energy efficient than  furnaces and AC systems.
  3. Heat pumps run on one small system for heating and cooling instead of separate systems for furnace and air conditioning.   This means the installation costs can be less and their are less parts which might break and require maintenance.
  4. Heat pumps can be safer than systems that would require gas to create heat. Because the heat pump does not use gas to create heat, there is no risk of gas leak or other exposure to gases which could be harmful to you or your family.
  5. Heat pumps heat and cool spaces more evenly than other systems.  A heat pump could be the solution to fix cold or hot spots you may have in your home.

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How to Make Sure Your Furnace is Ready for Winter

As we approach the winter season, everyone should take some time to prepare their furnace for the upcoming cold weather. Although you might not turn your furnace on for another month or two, you can take a couple of proactive steps to make sure that it is in tip top shape.

Begin by performing a quick inspection of your heating system. Take a walk around the furnace and look for signs of wear and tear. If any objects are within two feet or less of the machine or its ducts, move them far away to prevent damage. Make sure that the pilot light is lit.

Take the time to schedule a furnace tune up. If you’ve noticed any damage during your inspection, an HVAC professional will be able to further diagnose the problem when he is on site for the tune up. When he’s preparing your system for its heavy winter workload, he’ll also perform his own inspection and examine the unit for malfunctions and any grime that might alter its functionality. Once your system is tuned up, you’ll be able to ease into the winter without any concerns about its ability to heat your home.

Be sure to take a look at your system’s air filter. Make sure that it is completely clean and in place. The filter is key to your furnace’s health and functionality as it is a safeguard against dust and dirt that could infiltrate the system. If the filter looks dirty, do not hesitate to replace it. The little bit of money that you would save by keeping the old filter in place isn’t worth the risk that it poses to your furnace’s ability to efficiently heat your home with high quality air.

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