Electric Heaters, Do They Really Save?

No one likes being cold, and no one likes spending more money than they have to on heating utilities. This brings up the demand for portable electric heaters. They can be brought anywhere, can heat up a room quickly, and can save you a bunch. Don’t they?

Ultimately, it’s brought down to two short and sweet answers:

  1. If heating one room, yes definitely
  2. If heating a house, no

Here are some things you need to know about space heaters;

There are two types of space heaters; radiant and convection:

  • Radiant heaters will heat a smaller space in your room, blasting heat to the immediate area around it.
  • Convection heaters will heat up air passing through it, and blow it around the room, heating up the whole area.

Different models of space heaters take up a wide variety of energy, which can affect just how much you’re saving by using it. Most convection space heaters will hover around the energy consumption of 1500 watts just to heat one room effectively.   This maybe cheaper if you’re only heating one room, but on a room for room basis, this is A LOT more expensive than most whole-home heating options.

Despite the fact that using a whole-home heating system will result in a larger bill altogether, (especially if your home is heated with gas), a geothermal system costs significantly less to cover a much wider area. For those who aren’t aware of the alternative, geothermal systems are an extremely cost effective system which extracts and moves heat from the earth instead of generating it, and shifts the higher temperature air throughout your home.

Heat pumps which utilize warm temperature from the air outside or the ground both are great for your wallet, as they both rely on naturally existing resources. If you can afford the installation, or know you’ll be spending a long time in the same home, heat pumps are definitely the way to go.

Ultimately though, when it comes down to it, if you aren’t a homeowner, and perhaps can’t afford the investment of a heat pump installation, it will always be more efficient to use a space heater for a room or two of your house.  If you have any questions or inquiries about portable space heaters contact your nearest heating and air specialist! Stay warm!

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Geothermal Heat: What the Fuss is About

If you know someone in the heating and air business, you may have heard them mention geothermal heat pumps. While they may just sound like another heating/cooling system among the hundreds of flashy sounding options, Geothermal heat has become a resource which can cut down your utility bills up to 70%!

What is geothermal heat?

Geothermal heat is the constant temperature range produced in the earth. Despite the constantly changing weather outside, underground the earth maintains higher temperatures from absorbed sun rays.

How do geothermal heat pumps work?

Geothermal heat pumps work similar to regular heat pumps with a few differences:

  • ‘Loops’ of pipes containing a water solution are buried underground, and connected to your heat pump system. These can be installed horizontally or vertically in the ground near your home.
  • Using the water heater in tandem, heat is either extracted or exited through these loops, and ventilated through your home. It isn’t generating heat, but is instead moving the underground temperature around to facilitate your needs.

Compare this to how regular heat pumps work:

  • Air based heat pumps are just as sophisticated in technology to ground based. To sum up how an air based heat pump works: Heat is energy, and when a material changes from one state to another (liquid to gas or vice versa), it absorbs or disperses energy around it as needed. Heat pumps utilize this basic method with a compressor, and once energy has been gathered, disperses it throughout your home as needed.
  • When the desired effect is cooling, the process is reversed, and the heat is shifted out of your home through the same process of absorbing and dispersing energy.

How is a geothermal heat pump better than a regular heat pump?

  • Geothermal heat is energy efficient/green – as the heat is being pulled from a natural resource, the system doesn’t have to work as hard as an outdoor unit.
  • Cost is reduced – With less energy being used, your utility cost will virtually torpedo downward to a fraction of what you were paying before
  • Runs more quietly – a geothermal heat pump has a less noisy mechanism than a regular heat pump.
  • Installed inside your home – this means less repairs and maintenance from weather.

As always, it’s best to consult a geothermal heating and cooling savannah professional for an insight to what heating/cooling system would serve you best!