Can Carpet Save You Money on Your Heating, Savannah?

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Carpet is a natural insulator. That means it provides extra warmth in a winter.   To understand this better, we need to introduce you to an industry term called “R-Value”. The R-Value is a measure of how much a material resists the movement of heat in a building. The higher the R-Value, the more effective the insulation.

What Do You Need to Know About an R-Value to Make Your Home in Savannah More Energy Efficient?

Wall to Wall v Area Rugs

Not surprisingly, wall to wall carpet has a significantly higher r-value than area rugs. That means the money you save by buying a rug instead of carpeting a room may cost you in the long term when you compare heating bills. The heat in your wall-to-wall room will stick around longer. That means that for Tybee Beach houses, where you spend more time in the summer, hardwood and area rugs may be the way to go. But for a more economic cozy feeling at home in Savannah, wall to wall may be the way to go.

Expert Testing

The Johns Manville Technical Center Thermal Labs‚ one of the most sophisticated laboratories of its kind in the world‚ recently did tests confirming that carpet and pad significantly increase R–value compared to other flooring materials. Of course the type of carpet has an impact on the overall results (i.e. heavier products provide higher R-Value). Carpet makes for a warmer, more heat efficient home compared to ceramic tile‚ laminate‚ and engineered hardwood – and the differences were dramatic:

  • Carpet vs. engineered hardwood: (From 3 to 7 times the R–value.)
  • Carpet vs. laminate: (From 4 to 8 times the R–value.)
  • Carpet vs. ceramic tile: (From 8 to 17 times the R–value.)

Local Experts: Eckard’s Flooring Savannah , GA

Dane Eckard, owner of Eckard’s Flooring Savannah had this to say: “We do a lot of business in both hardwood and carpet in Savannah and people seem really happy with what they buy. A lot has to do with taste. But it doesn’t surprise me that for Savannah heating  if woven carpets with a high pile density like Karastan would be better at keeping heat in.”

People Find Carpet Feels Warmer (No Surprise There)

Dr. Alan Hedge‚ professor of Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University‚ had this to say: “Carpet feels warmer to the touch than other floor coverings because the air at room temperature is trapped by the carpet fibers which acts as an insulator‚ and carpet has a low thermal diffusivity compared to other floor materials that have higher thermal diffusivities and that conduct heat away from the body more rapidly‚ resulting in a lower skin temperature‚ cooler sensation‚ and greater thermal discomfort‚” Hedge reports.