5 Warning Signs that Your Air Conditioner May Be on the Fritz

Broken Air Conditioner
Photo by Maegan Tintari

In Savannah, air conditioners are as important as, well, they’re REALLY important. Nothing is more soothing then hearing the hum of your home air conditioner on a hot summer day. But should that soothing sound no longer come from your air conditioner you cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of dread. Not only will you dread the few days you’ll have to wait for a repair man to make it to your home, but you’ll also dread the repair bill.

If your AC is giving you grief, it is a telltale sign that it’s about to give up altogether. To prevent that from happening you have to know what signs to look for. Consider the following five expert warning signs your AC is about to give up down below.

  1. Your fan doesn’t work.

The auto switch and central air system are connected on your control panel, and if your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be blowing cold air or if you’re worried it isn’t working then switch your power to ‘fan’. If the fan begins to blow then you know your AC is getting the power it needs to keep your home cool. If the fan doesn’t blow then you could have a blower problem.

  1. There is no power going to your unit.

When the AC doesn’t turn on your initial reaction is to think the worst—that it is completely broken. However, that might not be true. Before you call a repair specialist, check your electrical panel. If any of the switches on your panel are moved to the center position then you could have simply tripped a switch. Turn them on and off to see if that helps.

  1. Check your controls.

Your thermostat directs the air quality in your home. One of the simplest and most straightforward solutions to ‘none-working’ air conditioners is your controls. There could be an off chance that your ‘broken’ ac is actually just a thermostat that is switched to off. Don’t hesitate to check that out first before you call anyone.

  1. Your air conditioner runs more than it should.

If it’s not unnecessarily hot outside, and your AC seems to run constantly, than it could very well be on the Fritz. Your air conditioner should not have to blow constantly to keep your indoor temperatures at comfortable levels. If find yourself constantly listening to your blower than you may have a problem with your unit. It’s one of the most common signs of a breaking down AC.

  1. It’s nosier than it used to be.

Air conditioner’s aren’t built to be noisy and distracting. In fact, one of the biggest selling points for AC is that they are much quieter than window units are. If your unit has gotten increasingly loud, then your unit could be on the fritz. A fan belt that isn’t working could be the problem, but unless your 100% certain, you should give a repair specialist a call.

Everyone wants to keep cool during the hot summer season, but if your AC goes out you’ll be lost in a pool of sweat. Keep on the lookout for these five warning signs to stay cool all year long.

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