Air Filtration

HVAC and Whole House Filtration

HVAC means more than comfort in winter and summer.  HVAC also means good health and caring for the air quality in your home or business.  Whole house air filtration is important for a healthy home and a good HVAC system can make all of the difference between good health and bad.  Bad air quality can be dangerous for you and your family.  It can aggravate allergies and asthma and lead to a a host of unwanted medical conditions.  McCall’s Heating and Air offers comprehensive inspections of your heating and air conditioning equipment and ductwork.  Our skilled and licensed HVAC technicians can help you make your home cleaner, healthier, and safer to live in.

  • Household mold in Savannah is almost inevitable.  Most of it is harmless, though unattractive.  but some mold can be dangerous to your health and especially to young children.
  • Air ducts, over time, can become contaminated with smoke residue and large deposits of bacteria due to moisture.
  • In some cases, prolonged exposure to microbes and other biological pollutants can cause severe illness and even death.