Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Learn About Heat Pumps

Surprise cold snaps can be hard to deal with, especially in the South.

Last winter, the weather hit an all-time low, and many homeowners were left completely unprepared, and unsure what to combat the cold with.

When most people consider temperature control in their home, their focus is on central air conditioning or gas heating. While these work, they have their fair share of setbacks (cost of gas in the winter/cost of cool air generators and repair in the summer).

A useful alternative to understand and consider for those cold or warm times, is a heat pump.

Most people don’t know, but a heat pump can be used to both cool down or warm up a home!

How it works
When most people hear ‘heat pump’ they think of a mechanism that generates heat, but in reality, heat pumps transport heat from one area to another.

A little known fact is that even in cold weather, heat is present. A heat pump will extract the heat from the air, and bring it into your home in the winter. The same technique is reversed for the summer, when your heat pump extracts the heat from your home, leaving only cooler air!

Less cost to you and the environment
Perhaps the greatest aspect of a heat pump is the efficiency of the device. Having a two part system for heating and air conditioning can be both costly and harmful for the environment. As a heat pump runs on electricity, and doesn’t burn fuel, they can help save the environment as well as your wallet space!

What to do now
If you are interested, but want to know more about how a heat pump could specifically help control the temperature in your home, call McCalls Heating and Air for a consultation!

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