HVAC Repair: Common Problems and Solutions

Your trusty HVAC unit works hard to maintain comfortable indoor air year after year, no matter how brutal the weather is outside.  At some point, maintenance or repair will be necessary. At McCall’s, our professionals have experience with all types of systems and have seen all kinds of problems. Here is a guide to help you troubleshoot the most common issues and HVAC repair options.

Why is my air conditioner not working?

The system will not turn on. Check your electrical breakers to make sure the power is on. Depending on how old your thermostat is, it might need new batteries. Thermostats six years or older may need replacing. Our technicians can easily inspect your thermostat and help you replace batteries if needed.

The compressor isn’t turning on. Here in the Savannah GA area, ants are often attracted to the humming of the electromagnetic field near the relay switch of the compressor. This can cause interference with the electrical contacts or clog the line of power. Covering the contacts with a plate can help, if regular insecticide can’t.  If you are having other electrical connection problems, you should contact our experts to help you identify them safely and quickly.

Airflow is weak. If your HVAC isn’t kicking out air the way it used to, there could be a problem in the ductwork. Leaking or clogged ducts should be cleaned, repaired, and sealed. If you haven’t replaced your filters regularly, they can get very dirty and restrict the airflow. We recommend scheduled precision tune ups to change filters and check ductwork, as well as fans and coils.

Air temperature is not as cool. When refrigerants get low or leak, the air temperature will rise. Your air conditioner’s performance and efficiency is at its best when the refrigerant charge matches manufacturer specifications exactly. A McCall’s technician will be able to fix any leak and charge your HVAC system with the right amount of refrigerant, as well as test the system to ensure success.

Water leaks from the HVAC unit. Most often, water leaks are a result of a broken or clogged drainage line. If PVC pipe fittings are not properly cemented, they can come apart and cause leaks. The drainage line should also include a p-trap and air vent. Our professionals can easily check your drainage to make sure it’s running properly, and clean it if necessary.

Can someone show me how to fix my HVAC? As presented here, there are some ways to check your HVAC unit to easily identify problems. But a licensed, insured, NATE-certified technician from McCall’s guarantees every part of their workmanship, along with your satisfaction.

Where do I find HVAC repair near me? For quality HVAC repair in Savannah, contact McCall’s for a free consultation at 912-898-1888.

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