Maintenance Plans

Air Conditioning Service Savannah, Whitemarsh and The Low Country

The difference between clean and dirty indoor air can be your air conditioning service.  Savannah has enough dust and pollen turn a fleet of 18 wheelers mustard yellow.  That pollen gets into your air conditioning system and can affect the air you breath indoors.  McCalls offers a solution for air conditioning service.  Savannah and the Low Country can be a sneezy place in Spring and summer.  McCalls Heating and Air can make it more comfortable, at least when you’re indoors.

Clean heating and air conditioning equipment lasts longer and will keep you more comfortable. Dust, pollen, household dirt, and pet dander can accumulate to make your system less effective at keeping you and your family comfortable and healthy. Dirty systems can even be more costly to run and increase your gas and electricity bills.

Air conditioning in Savannah is a necessity.  Regular maintenance can make a tremendous difference in the efficiency of your system.  Air conditioning service from McCall’s Heat and Air ensures that your HVAC system and all of its individual parts is performing as efficiently and effectively as possible.   For most people in Savannah and the low country, it’s not enough to have an HVAC system that runs.  It needs to run at the highest level of performance the air conditioning unit was designed to provide.

Without air conditioning service, units can wear out and can even be a danger to your health.  See our blog post about keeping safe in winter for important reasons to have regular service for your furnace as well.

Trained and licensed heating and air professionals from McCall’s Heat and Air can help you feel more comfortable at home in any season. Call us or e-mail to schedule a cleaning or just to get more information. Your health, comfort, and savings are worth it.