Window Films: Let the Sunshine In

Summertime in the south gets hot! Constantly running the AC at full speed can cause air conditioning repair bills to stack up, so it’s up to you to discover new and creative ways to cut down the heat in your home. Let us offer some advice on what helps us, and can cut costs up to a whopping 50%!

Window films are an inexpensive and long lasting solution to heat in the summer, and are extremely easy to install to a home of any shape or size.

Don’t pull out the dvd’s just yet, we’re not talking about that kind of film!

Window films are semi-translucent sheets that are easily rolled onto the inside of your home windows. These films reflect the suns heat and ultraviolet rays, and even reduce glare without obscuring the view!


A 3 foot by 15 foot film which can cover several windows in a home run around $30 at your local hardware store, and take about half an hour to install. Initially once installed they may create a hazy look on your window but it will dissipate within 10 days.

The only drawback to these films is for some windows, they may void the warranty, so make sure to check what sort of windows you have and if they’re covered.

Have any comments or questions about window films and how they work? Need air conditioner repair? Contact McCalls Heating and Air for a professional opinion and advice!


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